March 23, 2012


I love Animals. Since I was little, I love Fashion and Animals, I love them both. But, which side would I Buy? I'm a little Confused because of this.....

I'm a member of PETA, But...... I'm not against Fashion! I love Fashion! It's not that I'm against it but......

It's not like we need Fur... Right? We have Cotton :) 

Fashion without Fur is Fine :)

If I don't love Fashion.... Maybe...... I've been posting these.... But you know? I agree...

Who needs fur If we have this???????? 

If  Animals can talk.... This would happen to People who abuses them

Let's care about animals and love them. But we need Fashion... It's a woman's life! let's just not forget that they need more than we do.

Remember, if we keep this up...... Animals will love us MORE :D

It's not a problem if your against Animal abuse while you love Fashion..... Just don't use FUR :D COTTON is what Fashion needs :))

Y'all! Check this out...

- Kim :3

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  1. Fashion without fur!!!

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