March 28, 2012

Dreams Do Come True

So last thursday we had our recognition day! :) oh yes, I had my medal. Im so shocked when I got silver medal! I thought I'm only bronze. By the way, what I wore?
Top: Grass Clothing Skirt: Riss

I bought my necklace at Festival mall at small stores in 1st floor. :)
 I want to wear something bubbly to match my personality and so I pin my long skirt and made it like a bubble skirt. You can see HERE the actual skirt. (oh well, I'm thrifty)
Shannon said that I looked like a fairy

Here are some of the photos and all my photos are FAIL! so I didn't upload it.

and so my silver medal! Proud!!
Proud to be Christinian! :) -Kian<3

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