July 08, 2012

Flower Power

Yey! I've finally restored our blog. :) I miss blogging so much. hihi. Thanks for Marjorie Jane Pamittan for the new header! Thanks Pamaul!(i call her pamaul) HAHAHAHA. So anyway, here's what happened today. Me, Milca and her sister Shekinah went to their church. Guess where? at the Bellevue Hotel! :) so nice right?  first we ate our breakfast and attend church. :)

After we attend, Milca wants a photoshoot. odiba, nahiya naman ako sa kanya. . I agreed cause she will also take my outfit shots. :D What I wore?Look at my camera. :((((( pa blur na siya ng pa blur. :((((((((low quality na forever ung camera ko. :(  Anyway, Welcome to my house, HAHAHAHA. i love the interior designs and the marble stairs. :) ang lakas lang maka- mansyon. 

       Floral dress, IFU cardigan, Strappy Sandals

Pink Bow Ring 

 COACH bag

Le Plume Bangles

I love this bag. My favorite so far. :) I can put my wallet and my camera and other things even it is so small. Thanks Dad for this bag. (first time magbigay ng bag)

 Usually, when I take my outfit shot, i only shoot at our house. Thanks to Milca talagang she took my outfit shot even if there are so many people looking at us. Even the maintenance cleaning the glass is staring like me  like I did something wrong. Hahaha.

 This is what you call the "EMBARRASSED photo". Shekinah is always laughing at me whenever I look at the camera. :(( bad girl.
Meet Milca. My very beautiful friend. :) she's my classmate last year and my very close friend :"> yihiee

 Meet Milca's sister, Shekinah. Shy pero super makulit. HAHAHAHA


 Shekinah is taller than me. Boo for my height. Hahahaha

Hi Milca! Love your wedge! <3 

Another fun-filled sunday with friends! :)  So happy to be with God! :) How's your Sunday? Love Kian. :)


  1. hey! i'm a big fan of your blog. your dress looks great <3
    love, anika

  2. Omg! I love your dress and cardigan! I hope I can meet you someday :)
    Xoxo, Marlina