April 18, 2012

14 years and counting :)

So its my birthdaaaay yesterday! Yipeee. :) Thank God for another happy year! Even though I didn't have big celebrations,   my friends are there to greet me! Some called me so early and Kim woke me up!!!! hahaha. They made my day! :) So I spend my whole afternoon with my bestfriend since grade 5, Jessica! We went to Festival. :) Sorry for the blurry photos. My camera is dead. :|

Look at my nailss! neon yellow :)

cute right? hahaha

 Jessica loves cam whoring. hahahaha. Even if we are in a crowd of people. :)) So here are my outfit post. :) hope you like it :D
Top: Artwork, Pants: from my grandma's closet (hihi)

bag: Ana Capri Shoes: TABA flats

for my outfit, I tried to go "Boho". do you think it worked? hahaha. It took me only 5 minutes to came up with this look! (oha! usually i plan my outfit 30 minutes)  thanks to all who greeted me. :DD -KIAN<3

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