March 20, 2012

Farewell Party :')

So... It's our Farewell Party yesterday :)) (Sorry for the late upload :P) And yes....... Fashion again! XD HAHA. We found some of our Schoolmates that weared cute clothes... So.. here they are :D And of course, Me and Kian. HAHA. We both used our High Heels :)) Ugh! She's still taller than me! XD
This is Ate Alyssa Solano :) I like her Outfit :D

 This is the Printed thingy on Jessa's shirt :)) (our another bestfriend who is not that interested with Fashion but Interested with Studying :D)
 Kian's ring :)) L.O.V.E ♥

 This is Jessa :)
 Kian O.O HAHA. XD
 She received an Award :))
 Milca :)) We like her outfir :)
 I and her :3
 Yesss! XD HAHA. Me and Kian :D Whatever I do, she's Taller than me! HAHA.
 Our Adviser :)

 A very young Fashionista :D

 Diana Faye Alcanzo :2 Bat Girl :D
 Carmela Boniao, she likes Vintage stuff :))
 US :">                                                     Kim ♥ Jessa ♥     Kian ♥

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  1. LOL. Lot of Epic Fails. HAHAHAHAHA. Shiit supposed to be Shirt... Outfir supposed to be Outfit. LOL. Excuse the word Shiit... Sorry :)