March 10, 2012

Closet CHIC

Sorry if we rarely post because our exams our coming. :( i'm so sad. Anyway, I will blog nalang about this Preppy and cute store named Closet Chic. They offer varieties of different clothes like dresses, Blazers, cute tops, long cardigans, skirts, shorts and accessories, bags and many more. Here are some of my picks. :)

I want this. :( i want the blue one for summer. :)

Corset tops for only 250!

I REALLY NEED THIS FOR SUMMER! Bright and pastels!

I really love this! 

I love this dress for summer.

I want this cute printed shorts! :D

Love this top!
I want to blog this shop because I love them. hahaha. love kagad? hahaha. the owner are really nice :) what are you waiting for? Closet Chic is the one you are looking for. :) -KIAN<3

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