February 07, 2012

Photo Diary: Batangas is Love

Last sunday, we visited our grandmother and relatives (mother side). It was my first time to visit there. Batangas is very beautiful!!! dun na ako titira. Chos! anyway, some of the pictures I took with my little brother.

 On our way to batangas. Medyo tulog na ako jan. hahaha.

OHA! fuma-fashion din si kapatid! he's so cute! he wore my detachable collar, Feel na feel niya naman.

 My cute cousin. Johnlirick. WHATTA NAME! hahaha. super cute.

 I woke up and I saw this!! super gorgeous ng view! palace in the sky daw.

feeling photographer!

 My another cousin. Johncee?! hahaha. forgot the spelling. kakaiba kasi ang names nila.

SUPER nakakarelax!! i want to live there na!!! :>

 My little brother and johncee, they are so cute. cutenesss

 And so my tita algie came. super gorgeous padin niya. they live on spain and visits here. :)


 My brother Kim, Johncee, Johnlirick, My little brother kenzo, and I

 Pwede nang maging yaya. yes!

 CAMEROID with my little brother. ngayon lang kami nakatry ng poso! :))

 Thanks for my little brother for taking my pictures!

 My little brother, standing up!

before we go home, we had our picture taking with my great grandmother, lola nieves. :)

 So that's what happened last sunday. A 1 Day Fun with batangas! :) hope to go there ulit!! -Kian<3

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