February 27, 2012

2 Days is Too Fast

I'm very sorry if I post super rarely. So we celebrate our great grandma's 90th birthday! Yehey! :) Here are some pictures of her birthday celebration.

All of us gather together to have picture taking. :)

OMG! Nahiya naman ako sa camera ko . SLR silang lahat. hahaha
Favorite foods: Icecream float with kisses and Burito! O_o
 We gone to Festival Mall too! :) Had Fun with my Titas and cousins. :)

I took picture when we are on the rollercoaster. Buwis camera to ha! 

Kate almost die! hahaha. So fast kasi.

Had our picture picture. :)
My other cousin, Gem. I made her hair. :) yieee.

OHA! fashionista din. nakaboots pa. :)
2 days are not enough to celebratee my great grandmas birthday! we had so much fun. -Kian<3

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