December 21, 2011

Blog Interview- DAVID GUISON :">

So I ask him If I can interview him. Then he said "surenessz" and so Im very happy. so here's the questions and the answers. :)

1. When do you start to knew that you'll be in love with fashion? do you have your picture of your first look?

- My parents always encourage me to present myself well and in highschool, we were allowed to wear whatever we wanted so I think I sorta found my personal style back in hs. 

2. Do you imagined yourself to be a famous fashion blogger?

- I never did. I didn't even think bloggers could get these kind of exposure and opportunities. Like being interview for online features such as this one. 

3.What's your plans/goals in 2012?

- I hope I could graduate this year and study again in Singapore. 

4. What's your reaction when girls says to you that "THEY LOVE YOU SO MUCH"?

- Haha do they? lol of course it's very sweet and flattering!!

5. What's your wish this Christmas?

- More projects, more opportunities and a love life. lol

He's so nice. 

Merry Christmas! :) -KIAN :">

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